We want as many people as possible to submit public comments in support of this new rule. Tell our government that trans people deserve health care free from discrimination!

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Not sure what to say? Here are a few ideas:

  • Trans and non-binary people are still being discriminated against in health care. I just told my story – and now is your chance to tell the Biden Administration to Protect Trans Health. Go to protecttranshealth.org to share your story.
  • One in four #transgender people decline to see a doctor out of fear of harassment, discrimination, or humiliation. Tell the Biden Administration to Protect Trans Health and ensure that everyone gets the medical treatment they deserve. Join me: www.protecttranshealth.org
  • All of the major medical associations, like the @AmerMedicalAssn, agree that trans-affirming health care is life-saving and medically necessary. Join me and tell the Biden Administration to stop discrimination: protecttranshealth.org

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